Things We Learned While Traveling

We are safely at the University of Botswana after roughly 30 hours of traveling! Right now, it’s night time here – we spent today getting some stuff, unpacking, eating, and exploring our school. We are (maybe) super excited to start our class tomorrow. But we definitely learned in our hours some valuable things about traveling…

1) There is never any free wi-fi. Why is there never any free wi-fi? C’mon. Panera has free wi-fi. You’d think London Heathrow Airport can afford it too.

2) Because there’s never any free wi-fi, communicating with people is REALLY difficult. Especially when you’re trying to meet people at said London Heathrow Airport to roam the city and you can’t find them.

3) People watching should be a national sport. Especially when you (aka Shruthi and Kim) are so good at it that you manage to invent entire backstories for your characters and then get really creeped out when they see you.

4) Never get stuck in security behind first-time travelers. They won’t know what liquids to take out or when to take off their belt and then they’ll get strip searched and it’ll all be way too time-consuming for you.

5) You will never find a comfortable way to sleep on a plane. Regardless if you opt for the “window slouch” or the “lay over multiple seats” or whatever, you will be woken up by flight attendants serving coffee or your foot will fall asleep and start tingling. It will not be a pleasant experience. But with a time difference, it is essential.

6) Check your baggage tags to make sure they’re going to the right airports at the right times… otherwise you’ll end up without any clothes 😦

More later!


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