Light & Water

As we another day in Botswana comes to a close, all of us has come to appreciate two vital things in life, light and water.

Yesterday, a group of us took a trip to the mall to watch Iron Man III to experience the cinemas in Africa. They’re pretty much the same as in the US, the only difference is that you have assigned seats. As we all sit down with our snacks, the movie rolls, and just as it seems as if Iron Man is being defeated, the power goes out! The entire mall has no power, so after 15 minutes we get our tickets refunded and head back to campus.

Today we had our first off campus excursion to a water well and to a school. The water well we visited was a borehole in the middle of nowhere that drew water through pipes to a village about 50 km away. It was powered by a diesel engine, and once that borehole dried up, they moved all the machinery to the next one. The only form of treatment to the water they had was chlorine tablets.


We then visited Thamaga Secondary School where we were able to interact with the kids during their Sports Time. We played tennis, volleyball, Frisbee  chess, and were able to watch them practice their traditional dance. Children in Botswana are sponsored to go to school all the way to the University level if they choose to do so. This particular school taught everything in English so the students were able to interact with us quite easily. We had a great time and were very impressed with how fast they pick up different skills.


We ended our excursion with dinner at a local restaurant where we sat outside underneath a straw thatched. The small restaurant was able to accommodate all 22 of us with french fries and chicken.


To round the great day off, we came home to the pleasant surprise of hot water. Our suite all took nice hot showers and are now off to study for our first Thermo exam tomorrow. It’s hard to believe that we have to go back to class after all that we experienced today and remember next time you turn on your lights or drink a sip of water appreciate the fact that you have it so easily.

Peace & Love

Gab(y) in Gabs


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