Nando, Chicken Lickin’, and Cheese!


Even though a smile is universally understood, what we say when we smile for the camera differs in every country. Here in Botswana, the kids say “Nando” or “Chicken Lickin” and of course the classic “Cheese!”. 

I learned these phrases as I posed for the cameras after we had donated tennis raquets to the local tennis club. Over the past couple months I had been helping my friends Dan Hageman and Ben McClarren, both CWRU students who had gone on the Botswana trip last year, collect tennis supplies to donate here in Botswana. Last year Dan and Ben donated to 3 different schools, and this year we collected 65+ raquets and 150+ balls. The students at the tennis club were extremely happy to see the raquets and I heard shouts of “OH a Babolat!” and “I want that Wilson!” as we took the picture with all the donated raquets strewn in front of us. 


After all the picture taking I was able to hit some with the kids, and found out that they come everyday after school to the courts to practice. I was definitely rusty and was struggling to keep up with them. I mean in the next court over, the girl was ranked 10th in all of South Africa!

Overall, it was a great study break and I  whether its “Nando”, “Chicken Lickin'”, or “Cheese” I was thrilled to put a smile on those kids faces and share my love of tennis. 

Peace & Love

Gab(y) in Gabs


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