Kgale Hill and Pictures!

Yesterday, as a study break and a unique chance to explore the terrain of our country, we visited a local “mountain” called Kgale Hill and embarked upon a journey to climb to the top. Our professor had told us that it would be roughly at 45 minute walk to the top… but he neglected that it would be predominately straight uphill rock climbing! It was definitely an enjoyable and physical experience getting all the way up.


But once we finally reached the top, the views were absolutely amazing. We could see for miles and miles over the vast terrain that Botswana encompasses. The sun was high in the sky and we were able to get some amazing pictures of our home for these three weeks! It was an amazing experience being able to explore something new and to see the terrain of Africa in a different light.

We’ve got our last thermodynamics exam for this section tonight at 4 pm and then we’ll be heading into the city to explore what’s out there before we leave tomorrow morning for our safari! We will be going to South Africa and hopefully seeing some amazing animals, so we are all pretty excited. When we return, we’ll be starting up thermo again with our new professor!


Our entire class at the summit.

SONY DSC           292936_10201255264566327_695130556_n (2)

A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles. -Tim Cahill

– Shruthi




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